Complete solutions

Optimum is a specialised trainer and coaching company that creates robust holistic solutions for optimal performance, well-being and growth for serious athletes. We have capacities in training, nutrition and performance coaching. With scaled courses, we can deliver personalised solutions for all levels, across sports and focus.

Individual programs
An Optimum program is always individually adjusted towards your objective, your outset, demands and limitations. An individual program, be it online or 1-on-1, is based on experience, insight and dialogue.
Specific objectives
Whether you train towards a specific goal, wish to achieve better fitness, tighter and more robust physique, build on a solid form or seek changes in body composition, we create specific plans, based on your needs, your level and your objective.
Coach analysis & Performance sparring
Depending on your program of choice, you will receive regular coach analysis of your progress as well as ongoing performance sparring about your challenges, training and mental robustness.
No signup fee or long contracts
We never charge signup fees or hold our clients to long contracts.


Top performance put high demands on physique, nutrition and mental capacity. We offer programs scaled to your level.

Scaled courses 

Whether you need 1-on-1 personal training or independent online training, we create specific programs.

Professionel løbetræner


Together we set a goal and prepare process goals that ensure proper preparation, both physically and mentally.


PurePower supplements (25%)

Massages from RaskRask (15%)

Training camp in Calpe (30% on coach fee)

Referral of new clients (10% per referral)


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Specialised guidance

Optimum is a specialised coaching provider, creating robust holistic solutions for clients across sports, specialities and focus. Offering the training industry's leading competences in physical and strength training as well as endurance sports, fused with thoroughly tested performance coaching and nutritional guides, supported by physiotherapist expertise, we offer individually adapted programs based on experience, insight and analysis.

Whether your motivation for training is exercise and health or competition and top performance, we can increase your chances for success with planning, guidance and coaching. 

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About Optimum

Talent and Elite

Optimum is a recognised sparring partner for talents and elite athletes. Our competences allow us to provide complete and specific programs based on a holistic performance philosophy. Our approach to the elite segment is to provide the ready-at-hand, flexible and competitive sparring and guidance, ambitious and focused athletes need. We strive in all our undertakings to always meet and exceed our clients expectations to top-of-class sparring and support.

I can feel that I have improved on all parameters. It is high class training guidance you offer. A huge thumbs up from me.
Marco - Bicycle rider 

Always a solution for you

Remote Coaching

Independent training following an individually adjusted training plan. Of course with ongoing supervision, analysis and follow up. Can also be purchased with performance coaching.


Nutrition plans and guidlines based on your specific demands. Either supporting a training plan or as a stand alone solution. Offering complete plans and general or specific guidelines for the clients nutritional education.


Individually adjusted training camps, scaled to your calendar and wallet. We offer training plans for DIY three or seven day camps. Finally we offer our all inclusive pro setup training camp in Calpe, Spain.

Performance Coaching

Increase perspective and find the way towards your goal. The coaching program is scalable to your demands. Tools and strategies are adjusted to fit your temperament and motivations.

My experience with Optimum Performance Coaching is amazing. I can feel that I am being optimized on my diet and my performance. I can feel it is something completely different with structured training, and I always have a guide on hand if I have questions about diet or anything else. I can 100% recommend Optimum Performance Coaching to others.
Magnus - Bicycle Rider